Bespoke Envelopes
Capital Envelopes’ entire Paper Pouch® range can be produced to bespoke specifications.

Specialty Products
Capital Envelopes’ current specialty products range includes:



Paper Pouch® Security Cut Envelopes
These envelopes are designed for security and confidentiality. They feature a perforation, where the top and bottom flaps meet to form the seal, which is designed to tear when the envelope is opened. Furthermore, the envelope is printed on the inside adding to the paper’s opaqueness and making it difficult to read the enclosed documents through the paper.

Paper Pouch® Easy Access Envelopes
These envelopes make the letter opener an anachronism in the modern day work space. The design incorporates a perforated strip along the height of the face which can be peeled to allow easy access to the contents. They offer all the strength and benefits of regular designs with the added advantage of Easy Access.

Paper Pouch® Cutlery Envelopes
These are Pocket style envelopes with a modified tuck flap design. Made to customised sizes, these envelopes are ideal for the catering and airline industries.


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