The Paper Pouch® range of envelopes covers a wide variety of commercial, office and personal uses and applications. The style of envelope, Banker, Wallet or Pocket, used depends a great deal on the particular demands of the application.

Often times more than one style of envelope can be used for a particular purpose.

Commercial Uses & Applications
Wallet envelopes have wide application in this segment especially for mailing brochures, annual reports and other multi-page documents. Direct mail applications widely utilise Banker envelopes. For catalogues, magazines and other heavier weight materials the Pocket style is commonly used.

Office Uses & Applications
Both Bankers and Wallets have applications in this area for a variety of uses including office stationery matching envelopes, invoice and paycheque mailing. Window envelopes are widely used as these eliminate the need to print the address on the envelope. Pockets are used quite widely for mailing insurance policies, reports and legal documents.

Envelopes for use on Automatic Insertion Machines
This is a specialist application which is characterised by high volumes of mail. Envelopes are usually Wallets, but can also be Banker or Pocket style, and are characterised by their need to meet various technical specifications including throat design, flap size, and paper porosity.

Personal, Greeting Card & Announcement Envelopes
These are generally Banker or Wallet style envelopes available in a range of sizes, colours and papers.

Air Mail Envelopes
These can be Wallet, Banker or Pocket style and are available in a range of sizes and designs. They are usually made from lightweight paper to keep postage costs down.

Advertising and Specialty Applications
For visual impact square shaped envelopes are sometimes used for advertising and specialty applications, in a range of striking colours, paper types and sizes.



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